The fresh new Master Shusuke Amagai arch (cartoon just)

The fresh new Master Shusuke Amagai arch (cartoon just)

Immediately after Orihime is actually caught of the Aizen’s pushes, Urahara discovers Uryu during the Karakura Hospital’s miracle training crushed. He tells Uryu about that experience, and assists him get off a healthcare facility immediately following the guy believes to help. [87] Before you leave, Urahara takes him to help you an invisible storehouse, where it see a few Seele Schneider. [88] Later on one date, while you are trying to explain to Ichigo just how Orihime’s capture is things he keeps themselves responsible for on account of being careless together actual and you will psychological well being, Urahara reveals an excellent Garganta to have Ichigo, Chad, and you can Uryu to enable them to enter Hueco Universo so you’re able to conserve Orihime. Immediately after its deviation, Urahara shows he is conscious of the presence of Ichigo’s around three family members, and therefore the guy leftover a shop unlocked so that they you will enter. [89] Shortly later, Rukia and Renji appear from Heart Neighborhood, and you can Urahara opens a beneficial Garganta for them. [90]

As the Aizen is actually enveloped inside the a column off white, Urahara says to him he’s going to getting incinerated bdsm by his own Reiatsu from within

Pursuing the Ichigo’s departure, Urahara, retrieving Kon and you may Ichigo’s human anatomy, places Kon to the Ichigo’s human body. The guy persuades a reluctant Kon when planning on taking over Hollow google search when you are Ichigo was out. Urahara straps yet another wristwatch for the Kon, which will help your alter into Karakura-Raizer. Delivering Kon out to struggle Hollows, he inspections his progress off his store and you can interacts having your via the check out. [91] Kisuke recruits Wear Kanonji, Tatsuki, Chizuru, Keigo, and you may Ururu, also Kon, to make the brand new Karakura-Raizer Class. Once the team dispatches the reduced peak Hollows hurting the metropolis, an Arrancar seems in a massive floating fortress. Urahara, analyzing the fresh fortress, reveals it’s comprised of Hollows bonded together, and you may comes to an end you to definitely to help you destroy it, they should strike at the center. He sends the group to battle the Arrancar and you can wreck the fresh new fortress. He destroys the newest remains of your Empty fortress because it initiate so you’re able to crash with the area less than. Due to the fact Kon together with Individuals fall asleep, Urahara, thanking her or him for their operate, reveals the guy utilized the time to set up the fresh new Tenkai Kecchu without being seen. [92]

Surrounding this day, Urahara is provided instructions because of the Head-Frontrunner Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto. They’re undertaking an effective Garganta to let captains to go into Hueco Universo, [93] and you can planning to the upcoming conflict by making they you can with the Gotei thirteen to defend myself against during the Karakura Area. The guy achieves this by making something known as Tenkai Kecchu, which allows your to exchange the genuine Karakura Urban area that have an specialized content produced by the twelfth Division. [94]

Urahara, observing a shortage of a specific sorts of soul particle, begins to imagine it’s one thing to would into the Kasumioji Clan. [95] A while later, Urahara presides more a good Keent between Rurichiyo Kasumioji, Ryusei Kenzaki, Rusaburo Enkogawa, Ichigo, and his awesome loved ones, bringing support and you may statements. [96]

Phony Karakura City arch

As the Sosuke Aizen suggests the real nature of one’s Hogyoku, Urahara episodes him from about that have Jugeki Byakurai, piercing Aizen’s shoulder. [97] Urahara, noting the brand new unusual function Aizen has brought, says Aizen have bonded toward Hogyoku. Aizen answers that it’s perhaps not combination, but rather subjugation of your Hogyoku, and therefore Urahara got didn’t grasp. Urahara, blazing down at Aizen, acknowledges it is true which he is actually unable to learn it in earlier times. Aizen tries to attack him, but Urahara, having fun with a portable Gigai once the an excellent decoy, uses the ability to bind Aizen having several Kido spells. Urahara periods having “Senju Koten Taiho”, however, Aizen, lookin behind him unscathed, slashes their neck. [98]

Aizen tells Urahara you don’t need to for him to-be to your protect, once the Hogyoku try strengthening their overall performance. Urahara claims he had been not speaking of dodging the Kido, but alternatively you to definitely previously, Aizen will have never come into bodily experience of him twice rather than an idea. Urahara reveals he put seals into Aizen so you can cut-off from the Reiatsu vents and that all the Shinigami has in their arms. [98] not, Aizen is offered unharmed and further turned, commenting that Urahara put a level-90 Kido because a great decoy if you find yourself establishing this new secure. Aizen states the latest Hogyoku Urahara written try past their recognition. Urahara symptoms Aizen as Isshin happens at your out-of at the rear of, but he effortlessly prevents each of the periods. However, this really is shown as a unique pitfall, as Urahara and Isshin have entangled Aizen, forcing him into an awkward reputation. Since Aizen requires to know what is going on, Yoruichi, dressed in armor produced by Urahara, attacks Aizen away from a lot more than. Urahara yells to have Yoruichi to maneuver out due to the fact Aizen quickly recovers. [99]

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