Leo McGarry: Sam Seaborn got this innocent connection with a woman – bam

Leo McGarry: Sam Seaborn got this innocent connection with a woman – bam

Abbey Bartlet: Inside 1890, she journeyed in the world inside 72 months, 6 hours, 11 moments and you can 14 moments, besting by the one or more month, Jules Verne’s 80 weeks.

President Josiah Bartlet: She seems like a great woman, Abbey. I’m for example impressed you to definitely she defeat a fictional list. When the she decreases 21,000 leagues in ocean, I am going to name a damn university immediately after the lady!

Abbey Bartlet: When it comes to historical figures becoming memorialized within this nation, lady was in fact mainly overlooked. Nellie Bly is simply the suggestion of one’s iceberg.

Abbey Bartlet: Elizabeth Blackwell is actually the first Western woman become provided an MD. She depending the new Ladies Medical School.

President Josiah Bartlet: Keep speaking. I’m simply planning to sit here and you can think of plutonium as well as the things I am able to manage with it.

Lionel Tribbey, Light Family The recommendations: [regarding Ainsley] Better, forgive me, sir, but when you keeps minutes, I do want to discuss the employing regarding blond and leggy fascists whose training doesn’t come with ideal purchase of the alphabet having positions of White Home Counsel’s work environment.

Let us have sex

Chairman Josiah Bartlet: And we will, Lionel, however, nowadays I am not sure if you’ve noticed but around is 30 or 40 someone else on the space, many of who have donated a lot of money to your Democratic Party, therefore perchance you could get a stronger traction on your horses and we’ll explore they after.

Chairman Josiah Bartlet: Better, without a doubt, Lionel Tribbey are an excellent lawyer just who we simply cannot live in the place of, or there would be almost no cause to not put him during the jail.

Abbey Bartlet: Does not matter. Their electrolytes and metabolic panels try within this typical restrictions. Chest x-beam is clear, and you may prostate microsoft windows try good.

Lionel Tribbey: In my opinion, so long as Justice Dreifort are intolerant with the gays, lesbians, blacks, unions, women, poor people, additionally the basic, 4th, 5th, and you may ninth amendments, I could continue to be intolerant towards the your

C.J. Cregg: [These are Ainsley Hayes] I’m going to reveal some thing, Toby. Really don’t thought it’s one to she actually is good Republican, I think it’s one to she is a great Republican lady and she’s a-appearing.

Leo McGarry: Dreifort’s a supreme Legal Fairness, Lionel, therefore let’s speak of him in accordance and practice some tolerance just in case you differ around.

[the fresh Chairman in addition to Very first Females normally in the end have sex immediately after a long time; they are throughout the Oval place of work]

President Josiah Bartlet: This new Hampshire are an hour or so . 5 because of the jet. I don’t have that kind of day.

President Josiah Bartlet: [on Secret-service representatives] Men, it’s very important one to no one attempts to kill myself on next hours or more.

Right here comes the fresh new challenger. I am a recuperating alcoholic. Bam. Broadcast, Tv, periodicals, webcams in front of the house, anyone shouting within my de-, editorials, op-eds. “He’s an intoxicated. He’s harmful. He is resign.”

Ainsley Hayes: Mr. Tribbey? I would ike to conseils pour les rencontres entre amis excel about this, my personal basic assignment. People information you might give me personally that might section me the fresh new technique for triumph could be, by the me personally, preferred.

General Ed Barrie: How about we mention the defense investing getting right down to about three hundred billion of four hundred mil a decade back. Would be the fact individual?

C.J. Cregg: Zero, sir, I do believe that’s regarding cold conflict ending 10 years before and America maybe not being forced to spend some really currency protecting alone against a country that simply cannot bake dough.

Leo McGarry: Better, which is Tv. He or she is and also make a full-throated defense of Chairman. That’s what we carry out. Believe me, into the real life, in the event the webcams is of.

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